Portland, OR – MAX Train Crash on SE Park Ave Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR – MAX Train Crash on SE Park Ave Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR – MAX Train Crash on SE Park Ave Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR (August 6, 2022) – injuries were reported as a result of a train accident that occurred on Friday morning in the Portland area. Just before 8:15 a.m., on August 5, the Portland police Bureau and firefighters were notified that a crash had occurred in the Milwaukee area.

Investigations show that a MAX train crashed into a bumper at the end of the line located on Southeast Park Avenue.

The total number of passengers that were on board at the time of the accident is not known by the agency at this time. However, the MAX train operator and two passengers were rushed to area hospitals, where they underwent emergency medical care.

The circumstances surrounding the train crash are under investigation at this time.

We hope the three victims who suffered injuries due to this accident recover quickly.

Train Accidents in Oregon

Portland, OR – MAX Train Crash on SE Park Ave Ends in InjuriesTrain accidents in the United States take the lives of nearly 900 people annually. Thousands of victims are left with injuries that require some form of medical care. Here in Oregon, we see people suffer injuries as a result of train accidents regularly.

There are many reasons why these accidents continue to take place. There are various factors that contribute to train accidents more often than others. Although each case is truly unique, some of the most commonly reported causes of train crashes we see include:

  • human error
  • mechanical failures
  • defective tracks
  • unprotected railroad crossings
  • speeding
  • acts of negligence

Given the size and weight of trains, victims who are involved in this type of accident are more likely to suffer from significant injuries that require extensive care. When innocent people are harmed as a result of train accidents, they may be able to file legal action against the responsible party. A train accident lawyer in Portland can help you pursue legal action following your crash.

Our lawyers at Kivel & Howard have decades of experience representing injured victims in matters arising from train accidents, motor vehicle collisions, defective products, and various other personal injury matters.

Our lawyers are fully committed to helping each of our clients secure the compensation they need and deserve. Our lawyers are committed to treating all of our clients’ matters with the same attention to detail and care. We strive to help them achieve the best possible outcome for their personal injury cases.

While working with us, you can rest assured knowing you are able to get justice following your accident. Our lawyers will aggressively handle your negotiations to help you get the money you need for medical expenses and a variety of other financial burdens resulting from your crash.

Our team at Kivel & Howard offers free consultations for prospective clients. Our team can meet with you at your earliest convenience so we can discuss your accident and help you pursue legal action to get justice.

Schedule a consultation at our Oregon law firm today by calling (503) 796-0909 and (503) 802-4800 to get started.

Note:  We utilize several outside sources when creating this accident news post for Kivel & Howard.  Our sources include news and media outlets, state and local police incident reports as well as statements taken from individuals who have witnessed the accident.  Because of this, the facts surrounding this accident have not been independently verified by our writing staff.  If you find any information that is inaccurate in our story, let us know and we will correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available.  We will remove this post from our site upon request.

Disclaimer: These posts are written with the intent to provide Oregonians with overall driving and safety information in an effort to reduce the number of serious accidents that take place on our roads and highways. These posts are not intended to provide medical or legal advice of any kind.  The photograph used in this story is not representative of the actual accident scene.

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