Portland, OR – Injuries Follow Auto Accident on N Williamette Blvd near N Wellesley Ave

Portland, OR – Injuries Follow Auto Accident on N Williamette Blvd near N Wellesley Ave

Portland, OR – Injuries Follow Auto Accident on N Williamette Blvd near N Wellesley Ave

Portland, OR (March 17, 2023) – At least one person was transported to an area hospital for the treatment of injuries following a car crash that took place in the Portland area on Thursday, March 16.

At approximately 8:33 a.m., Portland Police Bureau and area firefighters were dispatched to a collision that occurred on North William at Boulevard.

According to officials, vehicles collided on the roadway during the morning hours, causing delays in the area of North Wellesley Avenue.

PPB and firefighters closed off the intersection extensively as they remained at the scene, clearing the roadway.

Paramedics were notified that they were needed to treat victims who suffered injuries in the crash. Emergency medical services arrived at the scene and rendered aid to the victims before transporting them to local hospitals.

The incident remains under investigation.

We hope the injured victims recover quickly.

Car Accidents in Oregon

Portland, OR – Injuries Follow Auto Accident on N Williamette Blvd near N Wellesley AveEvery day, automobile accidents occur in the state of Oregon that have devastating impacts on the lives of those involved. We see countless victims hospitalized due to the negligent and reckless actions of other drivers. When drivers are speeding, they run the risk of losing control of their vehicles and crashing into others. When drivers are impaired, they are unable to make responsible decisions while controlling their vehicles. When drivers fail to yield to others, they run the risk of crashing into other cars that do have the right-of-way. And finally, when drivers disregard traffic control devices at intersections, they can cause devastating rollover collisions involving vehicles that do have the right-of-way to travel.

Any negligent action can have serious consequences for those who are sharing the road. Every day, innocent people are hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries that require extensive medical care. When victims are harmed as a result of these accidents, they often have legal options that can help them move forward.

Following an accident, you can file a claim against the negligent driver to request compensation for the damages that you have suffered. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings and wages, vehicle repair costs, and more. It is in your best interest to contact a Portland car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to begin fighting to protect your legal rights and help you get the maximum compensation possible.

At Kivel & Howard, our experienced personal injury attorneys are committed to helping ensure justice is served for those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents. We strive to help clients get the compensation they deserve and work hard to provide individualized representation tailored specifically to each client’s legal needs. If you or someone you know has been injured due to another person’s negligence, reach out to our Oregon personal injury lawyers at (503) 796-0909 or (503) 802-4800. Our team can meet with you for a free consultation to get started on your case. At your earliest convenience, our lawyers will be able to meet with you to discuss the options that are available to help you move forward.

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