Portland, OR – Car Crash with Injuries Reported on SE Powell Blvd near SE Naegeli Dr

Portland, OR – Car Crash with Injuries Reported on SE Powell Blvd near SE Naegeli Dr

Portland, OR – Car Crash with Injuries Reported on SE Powell Blvd near SE Naegeli Dr

Portland, OR (December 11, 2022) – A traffic accident took place in the Portland area that prompted the response of authorities on Saturday evening. On December 10, the Portland Police Bureau and firefighters were notified that a crash took place on Southeast Powell Boulevard that required attention.

According to law enforcement, just after 625 p.m., a traffic collision blocked Southeast Powell Boulevard at the intersection of Southeast Naegeli Drive. Authorities were notified that injuries were reported in the accident.

The Portland Police Bureau and firefighters responded to the scene and blocked off the roadway. EMS provided care to the victims who suffered injuries in the crash. At least one of the people was then transported from the scene of the accident to a local hospital for further care.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are under investigation at this time.

We hope the injured victims are able to recover quickly following this accident.

Car Accidents in Oregon

Portland, OR – Car Crash with Injuries Reported on SE Powell Blvd near SE Naegeli DrCar accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in Oregon. Unfortunately, thousands of accidents take place every year in our state. There are many common causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, some of the leading factors of traffic accidents in our state include:

  • Distracted driving: This is perhaps the leading cause of car accidents. Drivers who are distracted by their cell phones or other electronic devices are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Impairment: Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also a major cause of car accidents.
  • Speeding: Speeding is another major factor in car accidents. Drivers who are speeding are more likely to lose control of their vehicle and cause an accident.
  • Weather conditions: Bad weather can also lead to car accidents. If the roads are icy or visibility is poor, it can be difficult for drivers to avoid an accident.

Regrettably, these and other acts of negligence can cause severe injuries to those involved. Some common injuries reported in car accidents across our state include:

  • Head injuries: These can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Head injuries can be very serious and even fatal.
  • Back injuries: These can include anything from sprains and strains to herniated discs. Back injuries can be extremely painful and debilitating.
  • Chest injuries: These can include broken ribs, punctured lungs, or internal bleeding. Chest injuries can be life-threatening.
  • Abdominal injuries: These can include organ damage or internal bleeding. Abdominal injuries can be very serious and even fatal.
  • Facial injuries: These can include cuts, bruises, fractures, or teeth damage. Facial injuries can be very painful and disfiguring.

No one should have to go through the pain and suffering of an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. If you have suffered injuries due to a traffic accident, our Portland car accident lawyers at Kivel & Howard can help.

Our skilled legal team has extensive experience fighting for the rights of Oregonians who have been hurt due to someone else’s careless actions, and we will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation with us today by calling (503) 796-0909 or (503) 802-4800.

Note: We utilize several outside sources when creating this accident news post for Kivel & Howard. Our sources include news and media outlets, state and local police incident reports as well as statements taken from individuals who have witnessed the accident.  Because of this, the facts surrounding this accident have not been independently verified by our writing staff.  If you find any information that is inaccurate in our story, let us know and we will correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available.  We will remove this post from our site upon request.

Disclaimer: These posts are written with the intent to provide Oregonians with overall driving and safety information in an effort to reduce the number of serious accidents that take place on our roads and highways. These posts are not intended to provide medical or legal advice of any kind.  The photograph used in this story is not representative of the actual accident scene.

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