Portland, OR – Car Accident with Injuries Reported on NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR – Car Accident with Injuries Reported on NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR – Car Accident with Injuries Reported on NE Sandy Blvd

Portland, OR (March 1, 2023) – A car accident was reported in the Portland area on Tuesday evening that sent an unknown number of people to area hospitals for the treatment of injuries.

On February 28, the Portland Police Bureau and area firefighters were dispatched to the scene of a crash on Northeast Sandy Boulevard.

At approximately 6:40 p.m., vehicles collided in the 9700 block of the roadway. The incident prompted officials to block off multiple lanes in the area while providing assistance.

Injured victims required the assistance of paramedics, who were dispatched to the scene. The victims who required additional medical assistance were taken to local hospitals via ambulance.

These circumstances leading up to the accident are currently being investigated by the police department in Portland.

Our thoughts go out to those injured in this crash. We hope for their full recovery.

Car Accidents in Oregon

Portland, OR – Car Accident with Injuries Reported on NE Sandy BlvdGetting involved in a collision with a motor vehicle can cause major disruption in one’s life. A lot of the time, people who are in accidents end up with painful injuries that need medical attention. Dealing with unexpected medical procedures, such as having to have emergency surgery or staying in the hospital for several days, can be quite challenging.

Sadly, many car drivers are injured or killed each year because of careless drivers who share the road. When innocent people are on the road at the same time as drivers who are speeding, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or engaging in other acts of negligence, those innocent persons are at risk of incurring severe injuries in an accident that the negligent drivers cause.

Far too often, we see victims left with broken bones, internal organ injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries that require medical care. Many victims struggled to move forward after being injured in accidents.

Regrettably, each month in our state, car accidents result in injuries for thousands of people who live here. When an accident occurs due to someone’s carelessness, the parties who were hurt may have legal options available to them to assist them in pursuing compensation that can be utilized to help alleviate the costs that they are currently facing. A Portland car accident lawyer can help you take legal action against the person who hurt you and caused you pain.

At Kivel & Howard, our Oregon personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping those who have been injured in an accident caused by another driver’s negligent and reckless behavior. We understand how traumatic a car accident can be, so our team is passionate about advocating for your best interests until you receive the justice you deserve. With decades of experience behind us, we will provide trustworthy and responsive legal representation with the goal of making the process as stress-free as possible. Contact us today at (503) 796-0909 or (503) 802-4800 to set up a free consultation and begin exploring your legal options.

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