Portland, OR – Accident on I-5 Freeway near Terwilliger Blvd Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR - Accident on I-5 Freeway near Terwilliger Blvd Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR – Accident on I-5 Freeway near Terwilliger Blvd Ends in Injuries

Portland, OR (August 18, 2022) – A motor vehicle collision took place in the Portland area that sent at least one person to a local hospital for medical care. At around 4:08 p.m., on August 17, the Portland Police Bureau responded to the site of an auto wreck on Interstate 5 Freeway.

The Portland Police Bureau’s investigative reports show that a collision between vehicles blocked the northbound side of the freeway. The incident blocked the roadway near Southwest Terwilliger Boulevard.

The crash resulted in confirmed crashes. The incident prompted emergency crews to close an area of the freeway while working to clear the scene.

EMS provided treatment to the injured victims before transporting them to local hospitals for further medical care.

The police in Portland are investigating the crash at this time.

We hope the injured victims make a full recovery following this accident.

Car Accidents in Portland

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Note:  We utilize several outside sources when creating this accident news post for Kivel & Howard.  Our sources include news and media outlets, state and local police incident reports as well as statements taken from individuals who have witnessed the accident.  Because of this, the facts surrounding this accident have not been independently verified by our writing staff.  If you find any information that is inaccurate in our story, let us know and we will correct the post to reflect the most accurate information available.  We will remove this post from our site upon request.

Disclaimer: These posts are written with the intent to provide Oregonians with overall driving and safety information in an effort to reduce the number of serious accidents that take place on our roads and highways. These posts are not intended to provide medical or legal advice of any kind.  The photograph used in this story is not representative of the actual accident scene.

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