Free Speech and Education

Read: Pompeo Opinion It is well settled that the First Amendment right to free speech exists in the university classroom – even when a student’s viewpoint clashes with the professor.  The lesson here is that if a state college or university professor opens up a classroom debate to all viewpoints, then the professor cannot then punish the student for expressing a viewpoint the professor deems inflammatory and offensive.  The state college or university is not free to interfere with speech for [...]

Education Law: ‘Sexting’ Investigation at Coachella High School

Sexting Investigation at Coachella High School Source Article: The Desert Sun With the school year underway and students in the routine of school, homework, and socializing, now is a good time for parents to discuss the issues of privacy and appropriate communication.  This story is a good reminder that students in public schools have little to no rights to privacy for District provided equipment including computers and iPads, and that forwarding inappropriate texts can be a form of bullying and sexual [...]

Education Law: Search of Student’s Cell Phone Violates Fourth Amendment Rights

Search of Student’s Cell Phone Violates Fourth Amendment Rights            Subsequent to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Riley v. California, a court has held that searching a cell phone is not reasonable under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.  This is the right result and public school children should enjoy the right to privacy in their cell phones.   Read more: NSBA

Education Law: Private School Vouchers

Private School Ruling Fuels Voucher Debate Citizens of every state should have the option of using their own tax dollars to choose the educational model for their children.  The industrialized public education model for delivering education requires reform.  A voucher system may prove to be the market force for the fundamental changes needed in the public education model. Read more:

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